Guru Charitra Page 7 of. Guru charitra marathi 14 adhyay pdf Guru.. Guruchatria Adhyay 14 is in Marathi. This Adhyay describes how Guru Nrusinha Sarswati helped his disciple Sayandeo from a dreadful condition.

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Stotra hymns There are many Stotras in this blog of many Gods. Stotra is a blog for the people who have faith in God. If your are reading a devi stotra then for having more devi storas please click on Title. If you recite any of the stotras you like, then results will be good and make your life happy and prosperous.

I myself have experienced it and there are many people like me. The stotra is to be recited with full concentration daily. This Adhyay describes how Guru Nrusinha Sarswati helped his disciple Sayandeo from a dreadful condition. Sayandeo had been called by the king.

The king is very cruel. Whenever the king calls any person, people knew that that person would be killed. As such Sayandeo was going to meet his death. Hence he approached his Guru Nrusinha Saraswati and requested him to bless his family and Guru-Bhakti will continue in his family even after his death. He also told Guru that he Sayandeo is going to meet his death as he has been called by the king.

Guru Nrusinha Saraswati assured him that king will not kill him. On the contrary king will honor him and give him many gifts. Further he assured him that he himself Guru Nrusinha Saraswati will wait there, till he Sayandeo returns back after visiting King.

Sayandeo went to the palace where he had been called by the king. King was very furious and angry. He went inside to bring the weapon to kill Sayandeo. But after going in the room king fell asleep and dreamed that some body is beating him. He woke up and found himself paining very badly as such he came back to Sayandeo and asked to forgive him. He king gave Sayandeo money, clothes and many valuables. As such everything went as Guru Nrusinha Saraswati had told Sayandeo.

This Adhyay 14 is always read by the devotees for removing any dreadful difficulty. Many have been successfully tackled dreadful difficulty in their life and found happiness and peace by reading this Adhyay to a specified number of times.


Guru Charitra-Adhyay 14

In truth, you are all pervading. It is beyond our intellect to describe your greatness. I am the servant of a Muslim King, who is very cruel. He invites a Brahmin every year and kills him.



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