Mezigul Public objects to proposal for enhanced density for group housing plots in Noida. From around the Web. At a time when the city is in danger of losing its heritage character due to unregulated development, the bbmo administration and urban development department has decided to include certain norms in the building rules to protect heritage structures. Tue, Jan 01, Updated Drain work causes four-storey building to crack, tilt in Mathikere.

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Building Bye-laws Building Bye-laws: A bye-law is a local corporate law outlined by a secondary authority. The building bye-laws for residential buildings are set forth in such a way that, it should meet all the standards and specifications designed to necessary protection not only to the laborers before starting, during construction to the health and safety point of view but also to the general public and visitors.

Building Bye-laws and Regulations: The building bye-laws oversee the following rules and regulations of building features. Cross-sectional details showing the height of building and floor height. Structural details and designs Fig 1. Building plan showing setbacks, FAR, internal dimensions, etc. Fig 1. The merits of the setbacks are as follows.

The open space left in front of the building is highly an advantage under the circumstances of widening the road in future time. The Government will acquire this space as per rules and regulations. If all the buildings parallel to the road follows the setback rules and construct accordingly the aesthetic of the locality will improve E. Plots situated in many gated communities. Refer Fig 2 The air, ventilation and light of the buildings is sufficient if setbacks maintained to the plots.

The open space can be utilized for gardening or vehicle parking purpose. The marginal distance always helpful for the building in case of heavy traffic and other nuisance. The possibilities of fire accidents will reduce due to the increased distance between opposite sides of buildings. Fig 2: Houses in Gated community as per Building Bye-laws regulations 2.

Floor Area Ratio F. R or Floor Space Index F. The local authority or the secondary authority is responsible for governing the value of F. R, is different for different zones and type of buildings in the locality. The F. I can be utilized for checking the density of the population.



The new byelaws, however, have not been put into operation yet, though a draft was sent to the State government for approval in The court observed that after approval of the RMP and the Zoning Regulations, a separate building byelaw should have been framed. The court was clear that the planning authority alone had the jurisdiction to plan and specify development and construction in the area. Bureaucrats heading the BBMP in were aware that a new set of building byelaws had to be framed. Since then, the draft byelaw is gathering dust.


Building Bye-laws


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