Aishwarya Rai represents the Indian women. Addressing a day-long design workshop on handlooms and handicrafts at the Prajna Bhavan, Deb criticised the merit of the pageant too. Diana Hayden won it too. Do you think she should have won the title? Aishwarya won the pageant in , Hayden got home the crown in

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Many a girl wants to win Miss World, wear a glittering tiara and wave to the cheering crowds. But what many a girl needs to know is that she must exfoliate, tweeze, condition, exercise and try on a couple more skirts, before she gets there.

Winning the Miss World title gave me direct access to an incredible wealth of information on all aspects of grooming including an in-depth knowledge on Hair, Makeup, Skin, Body-shapes and how best to dress them. For over 10 years I used this knowledge to help prepare and groom Beauty Queens of various nationalities for international beauty pageants like Miss World and Miss Europe.

I also lecture extensively around the world on this subject. While conducting research for my lectures on grooming, I found that there was a tremendous amount of misinformation and confusing directions being handed out to women everywhere. Having gone through the long arduous metamorphosis and being equipped with the correct knowledge on all aspects of grooming, I was ready to share this knowledge with women across the world.

This book is a result of that expert advice and training, along with my personal experience of teaching grooming. A Beautiful Truth is a clear and definitive guide that truly educates you about body shapes, sizes, colours, techniques and assembling a look that defines your individual style.

Most importantly, it? Written by Diana Hayden, Miss World , this book enables you to transform yourself into a woman with a truly arresting physical presence. You can benefit from the advice gleaned by Diana?

This book extracts the best of Diana? Where others have simply skimmed the surface, A Beautiful Truth leaves no stone unturned, offering detailed answers to your most pressing questions. Within these exhortative pages, you can leave the hype behind and demystify the tricks that have not only been extensively explored by Diana, but on which she herself depends.

Included, are also little gems of personal anecdotes, ranging from the time she won the Miss World title to her confinement in the Big Boss house. A Beautiful Truth is a comprehensive guide in grooming knowledge that has stood the test of time and is quick and easy to implement.


Diana Hayden's tips on how to look great!

But rarely, if ever, has there been a complete resource that a woman might turn to for quick, easy solutions to everyday questions about grooming. In what looks like a first, Miss World , Diana Hayden has offered women a one-stop book offering complete grooming solutions. The simple yet extensive book A Beautiful Truth: The Art of Grooming for Women has a self-explanatory title, and Hayden covers a host of issues that fall under the purview of female grooming. Beauty and hair enthusiasts will find the sections on Skincare, Make-up and Haircare especially useful. Notably, the author always offers safety advice, which is woefully lacking in most Indian writing. The thing that struck me the most about this book was how matter-of-factly it has been written; how wonderfully free of pretense it is.


Diana Hayden launches her book A Beautiful Truth



Diana Hayden unveils her Beautiful Truth


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