Arashijas Act in accordance with principles and the appropriate legal rulings and not in accordance with stories and fantasies. Never assume that anyone in this world can really ahmaf your circumstances other than from the perspective of his own circumstances. And Taqwaa [awareness of Allah] is vast. He was a contemporary of Muhammad al-Jazuli. Indeed, such people rarely die in a state of grace.

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Edited by Omar K Neusser shorturl: Instead of shortening this important text, some chapters were coloured with brown. Furthermore, a servant is never free of blunders, shortcomings, or lassitude. Therefore, never be neglectful of repentance; never turn away from the act of returning to Allah; and never neglect acts that bring you closer to Allah. Indeed, any time you fail to do one of these three things, repent and return.

Any time you make a mistake, listen and obey. Let your main concern be to remove from your outward state anything displeasing, and then continue to work on your outward state through continuous counsel. This is so because the one who seeks the outset at the end loses providential security, and the one who seeks the end at the outset loses providential guidance. Act in accordance with principles and the appropriate legal rulings of Deen and not in accordance with stories and fantasies.

In all of this, depend upon a clear path to which you can refer and a foundation upon which you can rely no matter what your state. Avoid all forms of vain and foul speech to your absolute utmost. Seek out a companion to help you out in your affair, and take his counsel concerning matters that occur from both your inward states and your outward affairs. If you do indeed take his companionship, then treat him in a manner commensurate with his state, and give him of yourself based upon his inabilities and abilities because the perfected companion can no longer be found.

Indeed, in these times, even a suitable companion who is agreeable rarely lasts. Furthermore, beware of the majority of people concerning both your religious and worldly affairs, unless you have ascertained they have a sound relationship with their Lord, rooted in knowledge which is free of caprice and love of leadership, and they are in possession of sound intellect, free of the pitfalls of hidden agendas.

Do not be heedless of the machinations of others or their hidden states. Consider these two from both their origins and their actions. With laxity, this is especially necessary given that too much latitude in permitted matters sets the heart back on its journey to such a degree that even a man of resolve ends up looking like a foolish child.

Work for this world as if you will live forever, but work for your next life as if tomorrow you die. Be extremely vigilant about avoiding positions of leadership, but should you be tried with such matters, know your own limitations. Be absolutely sincere to Allah with the sincerity of one who knows full well the One who is placing demands upon him.

Surrender completely to His decree with the submission of one who knows he can never overcome Him. Never be fanatical about anything, whether it is the truth or not, and your heart will remain in a state of soundness toward others.

Never claim anything to which you are entitled, not to mention that to which you are not entitled, and you will be safe from connivance and treachery. Indeed, anyone claiming a rank above his own will fall, scandalized and humiliated. Moreover, those who claim a rank they warrant will have it stripped from them.

Conversely, those who claim a lesser rank than their own will be elevated to an even higher one than they deserve. Never reveal to your companion anything of your state other than what his own state warrants. Never demand a right from anyone, whether an intimate or a stranger. The reason is simple: a stranger owes you nothing, and one close to you is too important to direct your blame toward. Never assume that anyone in this world can really understand your circumstances other than from the perspective of his own circumstances, because, in reality, people see things only in accordance with their frames of reference and their personal path.

However, when aims, purposes, and aspirations are similar, people tend to work together toward a common goal. Never belittle any talk that concerns absent people even if there is no harm in it due to the likelihood of harm entering into it.

Guard your secrets even if you feel safe with someone because the one to whom you divulge your secret is not a safer vessel than your own heart before you revealed it. Never be lenient with yourself in either relaxed times or those of high resolve.

Indeed, should you miss some of your practice at a given time, redress it later. If you are not able to do your usual practice, at least occupy yourself with some other similar practice. To the utmost, guard your resolve in all affairs; and should you resolve to do something, do it immediately before it abates or dissipates. Examine your soul constantly in matters you are obliged to do or those that you should do. The affair belongs to Allah. Success is in His hands.

He traveled East to the Hijaz and to Egypt before taking up residence in Misrata, Libya where he died in May Allah raise his station to further heights among the blessed companions. Related Texts:.


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