Cradh ending was predicatble, but good, and came kind of fast Of course this story centers around the hard subjects of suicide and depression but what impressed me was that first time author Albert Borris was able to weave humor, friendship and love into his tale. Crash Into Me He has no hobbies. Even though his mother is on anti-depressants and loves him like no tomorrow, Owen makes her suffer through his suicide attempts. Quotes from Crash Into Me.

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The first was Thirteen Reasons Why. Crash into Me had potential, but ultimately it failed. It revolves around four teens who plan to commit suicide after taking a road trip across the USA to visit the graves of their favorite celebrities that committed suicide.

Their trip will end in Death Valley where they will end their lives. But come on, this is a YA. Not a single kid dies. It gets worse. It read kind of like this: Audrey: i luv nirvana. Frank: im an alcoholic loser n i like sports a lot Then he tried to kill himself by jumping in front of a car. There is no word to describe his personality. He has no hobbies. The only thing he likes to do is memorize statistics about suicide.

She lied because she wanted to hang out with Frank, Jin-Ea, and Owen. She also lied about being molested by her father.

She hates herself because she is a lesbian. I never for a second believed that she was actually gay. That might be because she lacks a personality outside of being Korean and smart, but truth be told, I think she was just pretending to be gay because she wanted to get on her parents nerves. Her entire plot line revolves around being ashamed of gay. And she never accepts being gay. Frank is my least favorite character. He whines about being athletic, he whines about being an alcoholic, and he whines about how much he hates his father.

Out of everyone, I felt the least pity for him. Also, I suspect Frank, or the author, is somewhat racist. There were a few comments about black people in this book that rubbed me the wrong way. The characters whine about how hard life is for hundred pages, they visit graves, they make-out, then they decide that life is worth living after all. Nothing annoyed me more than when they started talking about their suicide attempts. None of them, except for Owen, had a justified reason for wanting to die.

They wanted attention, nothing more. And Owen is a selfish jerk. Then Owen witnessed his father shoot himself in the head. Even though his mother is on anti-depressants and loves him like no tomorrow, Owen makes her suffer through his suicide attempts. That makes it really hard to sympathize with him. When you have me rooting for your characters to finish their suicide pledges, you know something is wrong.

There are flawed realistic characters, and then there are whiny annoying characters. Also, I hate the way depression is glossed over. Apparently sex, alcohol, and drugs can cure anything! The Pretentiousness I hate when authors make their characters so special and so smart. Does the average teenager quote Hemingway and Sylvia Plath? This worked in Looking for Alaska , but not here. The Conclusion Do not, I repeat do not, recommend this book to anyone who has tried to commit suicide.

These characters are flat and one dimensional. The plot is predictable. A much better book that deals with suicide is Thirteen Reasons Why. Hannah might be selfish, but the book is a good read. A better book about a group of friends is Looking for Alaska. And a better book that features a girl that tried to kill herself to get attention is The Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy and Goth Girl.


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