The Anarchist Manifeto — Bristol Radical History Group This means that local communities will form according to the shared values of the individual wills involved; some communities will be dedicated to crime and drug use, and other communities will be intolerant of such choices and will defend against them. Suppose that half of the registered electorate abstains. Radical Democracy in The Megalopolis. A project of JetStyle. The First American Anarchist. Moscow, Vuzovskaya kniga Publishers,pp.

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Early life[ edit ] Not much is known about the childhood and young adulthood of Anselme Bellegarrigue. These travels convinced him of the advantages of democracy and individual liberties. He refused to call the historical period a revolution, instead saying of it that "the evolution of has only been a consolidation of what was meant to be abolished" because "a Revolution must be the ruin not of a government, but of all government.

You thought to this day that there were tyrants? You were in error, as there only are slaves: where no one obeys, no one commands. In he founded the Association des Libres Penseurs in Meulan with some childhood friends, including Ulysse Pic who then called himself Pic Dugers , in order to publish anarchist pamphlets; but the arrests of several members slowed and finally put an end to these activities. Anarchist publications[ edit ] Anselme Bellegarrigue published, edited and authored several anarchist texts.

In , between October and December he published Au fait! Au fait! He was also an editor for the daily La Civilisation from March , a local newspaper selling about copies. Return to America[ edit ] By the establishment of the French Second Empire , Anselme Bellegarrigue went back to America, in Honduras , where, according to Max Nettlau, he was a professor, then in San Salvador where he is said to have participated in the government. He dissociated himself from all the political revolutionaries of , and even Proudhon , whom he resembled in many of his ideas and from whom he derived more than he was inclined to admit.

I am, that is a positive fact. All the rest is abstract and falls into Mathematical X, into the unknown There can be on earth no interest superior to mine, no interest to which I owe even the partial sacrifice of my interests. Power only possesses what it takes from the people, and for the citizens to believe that they have to give what they have in order to get welfare, their common sense must have been deeply distorted.

Revolution is the flux of interests: no one can represent interests, they represent themselves. One cannot redistribute wealth without first becoming master of all wealth; redistribution is first and foremost monopoly. It is true that this abuse is done by force and that I am the one who supports, on my own coins, this force I am complaining about.

So I hear that liberty without brakes is menacing. Who is she menacing? Who shall fear the untamed horse, but one who would tame it? Who shall fear an avalanche, but one who would stop it? Who trembles in front of liberty, but tyranny?

A menacing liberty What is frightening in her is the sound of her irons. Once those are shattered, she is no more tumultuous; but calm and wise. Government is not a fact, but a fiction. The only permanent and eternal fact is people.


The World's First Anarchist Manifesto



Anselme Bellegarrigue


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