Bill was 17 and knew nothing about teaching or coaching. From the moment he started working with the boy, he discovered his passion to become a teacher and coach and became totally committed to be the best he could be. He started coaching at the Mt. Isa community pool and quickly developed a team that ranked third in the country. Recruited to replace Hall of Famer Laurie Lawrence at Carina, a club in Brisbane, he earned a reputation for being a tough and demanding coach - and for developing three of the greatest distance swimmers in history, Hall of Famers Steve Holland, Tracey Wickham and Michelle Ford.

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Learn more Testimonials "I would like to thank you personally for the talks we have had over the many years that we have been friends in both the early days as a swimmer, thru my AIS days and early coaching years in WA, especially to the last 12 months leading into and post Olympics. You have always challenged me to think outside the box and made me think about solutions to problems - i appreciate that greatly.

You have the best swimming mind out there. Michael and I will treasure your kind words. Let me take a moment to thank you for all the inspiration and guidance over the years.

You have certainly been a role model for me and, in my opinion, you have done more creative and productive thinking about the coaching profession than any other. Seldom in our sport do we get someone with the intellect, the enthusiasm and the personality that you possess" You have been such a massive influence on my coaching, something I will never forget and for which I will be eternally grateful" Jon Rudd, GB coach of m Breaststroke Olympic Gold Medalist "Part of my improvement as a coach is your constant support, whatever type of support it is, and the inspiration that you give me as a role model.

You know you had such an impact into the coach and person I am today. All the very best and thanks for everything" Since I heard you talk the first time in Spain a while back I have been following many of your thoughts and ideas with my swimmers and they have helped my swimmers and me tremendously.

Thank you for the great passion and knowledge that you are sharing with all of us. He changed the attitude, the professionalism, the way people trained, the way the coaches worked. It took a good couple of years to have an effect. He was tough and he was eccentric but sport is tough. He was a great leader.

We are still benefiting from his work now" David Davies dual British Olympic medalist in pool and open water swimming "Bill, your international experience is extensive and I believe it has created your vision for success that characterizes you. Your knowledge is great and your communication skills are excellent. Your contribution to swimming in Australia has been greatly appreciated over the years. Personally, I have benefited from your influence and by association my swimmers over the years have also been the beneficiaries of this wisdom and your input into our programme.

Bill, you are always seeking a better way of doing things and this is why I think you continue to develop into a leader in the sport of swimming.

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Bill Sweetenham






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