Wakefield also worked in some satire of more adult concepts: Gumbles in Summer deals with politics - especially far-fetched promises, election campaigning and vote-winning - through an election held to replace the King of the Bottersnikes when he dies of suspected food poisoning, while in Gumbles in Trouble, Chank the Bottersnike creates a newspaper, leading to critique of the media and biased reporting. Bottersnikes[ edit ] The King — The King of the Bottersnikes, by far the fattest, meanest and almost the laziest. Chank — He thinks He is the Kings second in command and believes he should be king and plans to destroy him. Weathersnike — The oldest and most learned Bottersnike.

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Set in the distant wilderness of the Australian outback, the books tell the story of the conflicts between two groups of wierder-than-average Australian Wildlife; the Bottersnikes, fat, cantankerous, scaly, tip-dwelling slobs with cheese-grater noses, wire-brush tails and long pointy ears that glow red and get hot when they are angry, which is most of the time, and their polar opposites the Gumbles; good-natured, cheerful creatures that resemble lumps of dough both in appearance and malleability; they can be squished or squeezed like putty without doing them any real harm, though they may require help to return to their original shape.

Hilarity Ensues. Advertisement: The books where eventually collected into an omnibus in Bottersnikes have ears that turn red and get hot when they are angry, tufts of wiry hair at the ends of their tails and short squat noses shaped like cheese graters.

They routinely eat garbage and rusty metal, even going so far as to barbecue mattress stuffing. They also shrink when wet.

Gumbles by comparison are relatively straightforward; they are flexible and malleable like chewing gum or bread dough, with bones and presumably internal organs that accommodate this somehow. They can work together when necessary to form self-tying ropes or even a much larger single creature.

Advertisement: Green Aesop : The core conflict essentially comes down to those who want to destroy the bush versus those who want to care for it. The Gumbles are on good terms with most of the bush animals and compassionate to the needs of the scrub in general while the Bottersnikes see the bush as an unpleasant obstacle at best and something to be gotten rid of at worst.

They also seem to be more resistant to fire than most.


Bottersnikes & Gumbles



The Selected Adventures of Bottersnikes and Gumbles


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