Just wanted to say Thanks for the fast service, and well packaged item, will use you again Was this review helpful? My Operating System Windows A subscriber can get mobile internet blazing 2. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Have you used this product? March 11th, at 3: If yes, what are roaming charges?

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Pinterest2 Unlimited wireless internet has become almost a myth in India. In reality, no plans are unlimited, your speed will be throttled after consuming a certain amount of data.

It will become impossible to use internet at this reduced speed. While some reduce it to 72 Kbps, some even make worse by limiting to 32 Kbps that is even lower than speed of ancient dial-up connection!

While these limited plans might be suitable for some users, but, if you are a heavy internet user like me, you will be disappointed. There were very few wireless internet service providers Tata and Reliance and those companies were using CDMA 1X connection at that time. It supports maximum 2. This is actually an older generation modem. BSNL started rolling out faster Rev. A network that now offers 3. My testing is based on an older generation modem so the performance will be affected by the hardware limitations.

I was using the same modem for last five years and fortunately the speed is constant till today. Most of the time I get around That is good enough for surfing the internet and streaming videos on YouTube at p or p resolution. The download speed is mostly stable except some occasional connection hiccups which happens a few times a month. Sometimes the speed goes up to 1. Internet speed depends on the distance from the base station and the number of users. The signal strength is good here, I get 4 out of 5 bars all the time.

Your mileage may vary depending on your location and device used. I tested this modem on different locations, sometimes I was lucky to get 2 Mbps download speed and sometimes on crowded networks the speed dropped below Kbps.

Upload speed is a different story. It is slow, painfully slow. Around Kbps. It supports maximum kbps upload speed. The network is capable of offering better performance if you use a newer modem with 1. It supports nationwide roaming. You might have to activate this feature by going to BSNL office.

But before solely relying on this connection, make sure that EVDO coverage is present at the place where you are travelling. My roaming experience is mixed; in some places it worked flawlessly, but in others it refused to get connected. Unlimited data? Any hidden limits? When it comes to data limit, this thing rocks. You can use as much data as you wish unlike other similar wireless connections.

Once you start using unlimited connection, you will never get back to limited data plans. In this way you can just pay for one internet connection and use it on several devices. It is available with both prepaid and postpaid connections. There is an activation charge of Rs and Rs for prepaid and postpaid respectively. There is a Rs security deposit for postpaid connection which is refundable.

There prices are without taxes, so the actual price will be little higher. A few times a month I experience connection issues when the modem will not get connected to the internet. But usually it gets solved within a few hours. It should not be a major problem for most. At present time when we have blazing fast 4G internet connections available, the speed of BSNL EVDO might not be able to match it, but the true unlimited plan is the biggest advantage. It is my personal preference though.

If you want faster speed then look elsewhere. Not many people are aware of this. If you have any queries then drop them in the comment section below. More awesome stuffs:.


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