I am really tired of the Carpathian stories. The story lines themselves are interesting. The premise is good, although I think that the Carpathians have too many powers. Things are just too easy for them. However, the writing is what is really irritating me.

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Start your review of Dark Dream Dark, 6. The words I left for you are truth, and only my lifemate would know how to find the key to unlock the code to translate the ancient language.

Falcon was a male of great honor. He was making his way home to see his homeland one more time before greeting the dawn, when he found his lifemate Sara. He treated her like a partner from the start. Which was a rare and refreshing thing to read in a series full of controlling alpha males.

Not that Falcon was weak or less alpha. Falcon had great power and could kick ass with the best of them. Sara was a wonderful character. Sara was psychometry she can get info by touching a object. When Sara was 15 she found a diary on a dig with her parents, knew it was for her from her soulmate, her lifemate. When she touched it she could see Falcon. Reading that diary with letters written to her, and what she was see when she touched it, let Sara get to know, and fall in love with Falcon before she ever met him.

So Sara has been in love with her Dream lover, her lifemate since she was a teen, she just believed she was born to late to be with him. Am I what you want? Be certain of this - it is no easy thing. Conversion is painful. Sara and Falcon were very loving and accepting of each other right away. We also get to see how Mikhail, Raven, Jacques, and Shea are doing. I loved seeing the sweet happy place the past couples are in especially Jacques.

I also really liked getting a peek at Vladimir. I kinda wish CF would write a story for Vladimir and his lifemate. I loved this book it was a great read! We will have many children to love in the coming years. Whatever your dream, it is mine.

We will have a home and we will fill it with children and laughter and love.


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Still, he tried, because he remembered the life of before, the life of midnight runs and wild scents, the life of a bright moon floating halo-like in the sky, full and pregnant on the heavens. A good life, even if much of it had been hidden. Good, however, was not the word Charlie would use to describe his current circumstances, though in all honesty, he thought it possible to feel a small amount of pride that he had done as well as he had. After all, he was not stone. The curse that had taken his siblings had not reached as far as his flesh - an accident of fate, as far as he was concerned - and though the witch had a taste for his flesh - in all manner and form - he had managed to plead some favors with the hag, as a matter of courtesy. The witch had some manners left to her.


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Dark Dream


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