Although the two carburetor models are similar in some respects, they have key differences that affect overall performance. Edelbrock is an automotive-parts company. The company has its automative-branch headquarters located in Torrance, California. For instance, Edelbrock designed the model carburetors to achieve moderate to high street performance, giving the carburetor towing capabilities.

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After the family grocery store burned down in , he left school at the age of 14 to help support the family by ferrying Model T Fords from Wichita to the many outlying farms in the area. Initially, he moved in with his brother and took a job as an auto mechanic. In order to earn some extra money to open his own repair shop, Edelbrock took an evening job in downtown Los Angeles parking cars at a large apartment complex. It was a chance encounter at this parking complex where he bumped into the year-old Irish woman, Katherine Katie Collins, who was working as a day maid.

Vic and Katie married in June , just eight weeks after meeting. This was the first product that he sold commercially and marked the beginning of the company as it is known today. Edelbrock ultimately manufactured of the Slingshot manifolds. The Office of Defense Transportation placed a ban on auto racing during the war, but Edelbrock discreetly designed and developed a new line of products.

Soon Edelbrock found himself building pieces first for his friends and then for customers. This hastened the transformation of the Edelbrock company from a repair garage into a performance parts manufacturer. Then, in , Edelbrock produced the first cylinder heads for the Ford flathead. One of the first companies to use an engine dynamometer , Edelbrock moved to a 5, sq ft shop in to develop more manifolds, cylinder heads and racing pistons.

In the early s, he continued to dominate the dry lakes and expanded his racing to the Bonneville Speedway. In addition to racing the car, he wanted a test bench for the racing products he was developing. Edelbrock, however, is generally considered to be the one who pulled it all together and made the volatile fuel work. Chevrolet delivered three Gen I engines to Edelbrock for experimentation. He used one engine for testing on a dynamometer and another to test multi-carb manifolds for magazine articles.

He prepared the third engine for boat builder Henry Lauterback, who immediately set two world records in Miami, Florida. This breakthrough led him to begin producing manifolds for Pontiac and Chrysler engines. The C-4B manifold, developed with help from Bob Joehnck, opened the door to a new line of performance products. Although competing with the factory was a risky proposition, it turned out to be a beneficial one, as it allowed the company to expand into a new market.

Edelbrock had been elected in a crucial time in the history of SEMA; [10] Congress enacted the Clean Air Act in and established the Environmental Protection Agency , which targeted the air pollution caused by internal combustion engines. The company, which had been based in Florida , was relocated to Torrance by Contingency is a common form of "after the fact" sponsorship whereby racers place stickers on their vehicles from companies that post monetary awards to racing teams for winning, in exchange for the right to use images of winning drivers and their cars in promotional literature and advertising.

Edelbrock also posts contingency awards for drag racers , including NHRA sportsman categories. Since , Edelbrock has been the title sponsor of the PRO Edelbrock Drag Racing Series, which features both professional and sportsman racing classes. The racing series includes seven classes of heads-up style racing and three classes of index style racing.

The company relies on online and catalog resellers along with traditional brick-and-mortar retailers. In , Edelbrock launched a direct-to-consumer e-commerce website. Highland in Hollywood, California — First Edelbrock catalog published — Edelbrock purchases a Clayton engine dynamometer [5] — Edelbrock moves to its first purpose-built shop called Edelbrock Equipment Co.


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