After you finish the first cycle, you add five pounds to your 1RM calculations for the two upper-body lifts and 10 pounds to your 1RM for the squat and deadlift. When I see a program that says three sets of eight reps? Some programs have no progression from one day to the other. Another unique feature is that final balls-out set in each workout.

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Do your research and choose the program that best suits your needs and goals. Once the initial four weeks are completed, trainees are then ready to go back to the starting point and complete the program again… and again… and again. The goal is simple: at the conclusion of each 4-week cycle, the lifter should be stronger and able to start the next cycle with heavier weight. There are four sessions per week, and each session delivers a different full body workout. However, recent research has indicated that in terms of optimal strength gains, full body workouts are superior.

Ultimately, as long as a plan is built around compound lifts, the same result is achieved. And luckily, all powerlifting routines are. Furthermore, some lifters prefer to use an 8 week program built on the principles of DUP. The results speak for themselves. Wendler has create a technique that employs a variety of rep ranges, which place an adequate amount of stress on the muscles to stimulate adaptation. Each Workout follows the same simple structure of one core exercise followed by two accessory exercises.

There are four core lifts: squat , bench press , deadlift and overhead press. These four core exercises have been selected based on their potential to bring about significant strength improvements. The accessory work is designed to iron out any imbalances, improve on specific potential weaknesses, provide additional volume for hypertrophy and ultimately facilitate a better performance with the main lifts.

Many people judge the effectiveness of the best powerlifting programs based on their potential to increase the 1RM. A safer way of assessing strength levels is to use a challenging weight and estimate the 1RM instead. I will then use lbs as my 1RM in the Wendler system for calculating the appropriate weight for the deadlift. Ultimately, using a more conservative training max will allow for more consistent progress.

For example, if you use a lighter training max you can be much more confident in your ability to progress to heavier weights throughout the course of the plan. But if you start too heavy, you may find yourself fighting an uphill battle for every pound increase—not a very motivating scenario. The spreadsheet will automatically generate a specific 4 week program alternative 6 week program found here.

And, because the program is intended to be performed in cycles, once the first four weeks are finished, simply revisit the sheet and update the values. Be sure to open it with Google Sheets to enable the editing and customization features. There are a number of variations to the system—the versatility is one of the best things about it—and this particular variation is known as the triumvirate.


3 Day/Week Whole Body Program with 531

However, then it is necessary to extend the cycles to 5 weeks instead of the original 4 weeks. For reasons of regeneration, leave rir reps in reserve before muscle failure to avoid overreaching. Even though very few people are able to drop their egos and follow this advice, eventually this is one of the key factors to successfully complete this program. Thereby, it is important to mention that if you start too heavy, you will most likely reach a plateau, stagnate and burn out very quickly after no time. As a rule of thumb, lower body exercises around 5kg and upper body exercises around 2. In general, this program focuses on more advanced athletes. Beginners can increase much faster and are better advised with other training programs in the beginning.

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