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Log in or register to post comments Mon, 4 Dill Young Hello. I am from a Wado background and practised both Kihon gumite and Ohyo for many years. As far as I know the Ohyo were put together by Tatsuo Suzuki and were developed along sport karate lines as Wado was a major player in early British sport karate tournaments. However there are one or two throws in there so its a bit of a mixed bag, but must be taken in the context of the time they were introduced.

As far as i know i dont think they were ever brought from Japan by the early Instructors. I like Iain , still practise the Kihon from time to time and enjoy it as a Karateka v Karateka excersise. However ,I believe that the principles contained are still of some relevence, you need to adapt them to be of value for self defence. But I always thought they werent taught very well. The distance is too big for self defence and quite often in the opening moves we were encouraged to avoid the incoming punch rather than re-direct their power.

This is just my experience. You have given me the urge to include them in my next session. Log in or register to post comments Useful Links.


Kihon Ippon Kumite

More than anything else, unlike the majority of other karate websites, this page is primarily dedicated to training itself; that is, Karate-Do as a vehicle for holistic development. In this way, the underpinning purposes of these partner drills can be achieved and not diminished in any way. As stressed above, doing so, will inevitably compromise kihon—which immediately renders these drills useless. Quite simply, no emotional expression. Practicing karate in this way, the proper way, means that far greater internal-control will be achieved. Relating this point, specifically to Gohon Kumite and Kihon Ippon Kumite, we can see some essential mind-body connections. There is no exception to this rule.


Karate Shotokan: O que é? Faixas e Vídeos


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