Plot[ edit ] The film begins with Turaga Vakama describing a land that existed before Mata Nui called Metru Nui, where the local Toa were falling in battle as a relentless shadow sought to conquer the great city. However, Dume issues that "small gifts" will not confirm them as Toa, and puts them to a grueling test instead. In the ensuing chaos, Onewa, Nuju, and Whenua are captured while Vakama and the others escape the Coliseum by leaping into a chute system, with the Dark Hunters giving chase. Vakama, Nokama, and Matau abandon the chute system at Ko-Metru when the Dark Hunters get the flow reversed and set out to find the other Toa and Lhikan, whom Vakama believes is still alive. They hitch a ride on a Vahki transport to Po-Metru, where are ambushed by the Dark Hunters and flee from a herd of Kikanalo beasts.

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The DVD included a number of documentaries including the making of the movie and associated toy line. There is also a featurette entitled "The Legend Revealed" that has a brief question and answer session with the production team.

Toa protected the residents of Metru Nui until the Makuta came to the land and defeated all of the Toa except Lhikan. They were transformed into the six Toa Metru after depositing their stones into the Suva. After receiving a vision from Vakama, they then seek to recover Great Disks , called Kanoka , hidden throughout Metru Nui. After defeating the Morbuzakh , dangerous plants that threatened the city, the six new Toa brought the Kanoka discs to the Coliseum.

But Makuta Teridax , disguised as Turaga Dume, puts them through a rigorous test. After failing, he denounces their existence as Toa and unleashes the Vahki law enforcers upon them. They escape and pass through Le-Metru , but Nidhiki and Krekka reverse the flow of the Protodermis tube their escaping in, and they end up swinging to a tower. Meanwhile, in the prison of the Dark Hunters, Onewa, Nuju, and Onewa meet a mysterious Turaga who helps them discover their mask powers, which in turn create an exit.

Wondering how to get to Po-Metru, the question is answered when they see a Brigade of Vahki Transports heading that way, and they hop on. The transport carries spherical cases Designed to hold Matoran. Vakama sees a vision where many Matoran are being held in said containers, but it turns out nothing is in their. Feeling awkward for his random and strange visions, Vakama feels he is not a real Toa.

During the battle, a herd of Kikanalo stampedes through the empty desert, but as she flees, Nokama confronts the heard, and finds her mask power; Rahi Translating. While the other Toa and Turaga walk down the cave, the path becomes very dark, and Whenua discovers his mask power, which allows them to see through.

However, they hear a sound and what appears to be a Vahki tackles Whenua, but the Vahki turns out to be a shape-shifted Matau; his mask power. The two teams reunite, and the Turaga reveals himself to be Lhikan, turned into a Turaga from the effects of the Toa Stones. Vakama finds the real Turaga Dume imprisoned in the Spherical Cases they found on the Vahki Transports, and he discovers the identity of the fake.

The Matoran turn out to be imprisoned, called to the Coliseum by the imposing Turaga Dume, and forced into the spheres by the Vahki. They load the Vehicle with as many containers as they can, and return to the tower, where Makuta reveals himself and and finally lays The Great Spirit to sleep.

As Vakama witnesses Lhikan pass, he takes his mask as Lhikan had wished. He then discovers his mask power: Invisibility. Vakama confronts Teridax, whoes Shadow Hand works against him. Eventually, he grabs a Stone Column so large it smashes him into the wall. He then tries to demoralize Vakama, but he is backed up by the other Toa, who have saved the remaining Matoran, and they combine their Elemental Powers to create a Toa Seal , which seals Teridax in Protodermis.

Of the Bionicle. Production Plans were in place before the release of the first Bionicle movie to create a second movie. The writers Terry Shakespeare and David Molina did have some input into the script, though most of the mythology had already been sketched out.

The first film was very intimate, very organic. Metru Nui is more mechanical, so it has a different feel. The process of creating the movie, from storyboarding to delivery of the film took 12 months. Molina additionally added that the pipeline and process for creating this film was faster and more refined than the original Bionicle movie. Reception BIONICLE 2: Legends of Metru Nui was received with mixed reviews, with some noting the filling in of plot holes from the last movie, but continued to be noted for its visual effects and musical score, though others questioned its artistic merit.

It was praised for its high quality picture and 5.


BIONICLE 2: Legends of Metru Nui





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