In the following essays I have tried to indicate certain ways of approach to the understanding of the Bible and the realization of your dreams. Hebrews Many who enjoy the old familiar verses of Scripture are discouraged when they themselves try to read the Bible as they would any other book because, quite excusably, they do not understand that the Bible is written in the language of symbolism. Not knowing that all of its characters are personifications of the laws and functions of mind; that the Bible is psychology rather than history, they puzzle their brains over it for awhile and then give up. It is all too mystifying. To understand the significance of its imagery, the reader of the Bible must be imaginatively awake. According to the Scriptures, we sleep with Adam and wake with Christ.

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Throbs rapture near an end that aye recedes, Because His touch is Infinite and lends A yonder to all ends. But how to persuade man this is true. Everything is dependent upon that. But you must be faithful to the state. You must not go from state to state, but, rather, wait patiently in the one invisible state until it takes on form and becomes an objective fact. Patience is necessary, but patience will be easy after your first success in shedding the old and growing the new, for we are able to wait according as we have been rewarded by understanding in the past.

Understanding is the secret of patience. What natural joy and spontaneous delight lie in seeing the world, not with, but as Blake says. Imagine that you are seeing what you want to see, and remain faithful to your vision. Your imagination will make for itself a corresponding form in which to live. Nothing begins except in the imagination of man. There is an inmost center in us all, Where truth abides in fullness..

The parents of this woman had separated when she was six years old and she had lived with her mother. She rarely saw her father. But once a year he sent her a five dollar check for Christmas. Following her marriage, he did increase the Christmas gift to ten dollars. That night she resolved to let go her resentment and put a fond reaction in its place.

In her imagination, she felt she was embracing her father in the warmest way. She did it over and over again until she caught the spirit of her imaginary act, and then she fell asleep in a very contented mood. The following day she happened to pass through the fur department of one of our large stores in California. For some time she had been toying with the idea of having a new fur scarf, but felt she could not afford it. This time her eye was caught by a stone marten scarf, and she picked it up and tried it on.

After feeling it and seeing herself in it, reluctantly she took off the scarf and returned it to the salesman, telling herself she really could not afford it. This young woman never associated these two imaginary acts. There was her father. As she embraced him, she remembered her first imaginary action. As she opened the package he had brought her. Except a man be born again he cannot see the kingdom of God.

These two inward experiences are linked with two outward rites, baptism and communion. But the two outward rites, baptism to symbolize birth by water, and the wine of communion to symbolize acceptance of the blood of the Savoir, cannot produce the real birth or radical transformation of the individual, which is promised to man. The outward use of water and wine cannot bring about the desired change of mind.

We must, therefore, look for the hidden meaning behind the symbols of water and blood. The Bible uses many images to symbolize Truth, but the images used symbolize Truth on different levels of meaning.

On the lowest level, the image used is stone. When someone rolls the stone away, it means that an individual has discovered beneath the allegory or parable its psychological life germ, or meaning. This hidden meaning which lies behind the literal words is symbolized by water. It is this water. In the form of psychological Truth, that he then offers to humanity. He may, for example not literally steal the property of another, and yet see the other in want.

To see another in want, is to rob him of his birthright as a child of God. But such knowledge is not enough. To know what to do to save yourself or another is not enough; you must do it. Knowledge of what to do is water; doing it is blood. Outward ceremonies cannot accomplish this. And wheresoever he shall go in, say ye to the goodman of the house, The Master saith, Where is the guest-chamber, where I shall eat the Passover with my disciples? And he will show you a large upper room furnished and prepared: there make ready for us.

Your imagination can put you in touch inwardly with that state of consciousness. If you remain in that state, you have entered the guest-chamber. To change the supply, you change the demand.

What you desire to be, that you must feel you already are. Your state of consciousness creates the conditions of your life, rather than the conditions create your state of consciousness. But your savior. It can be realized only as such knowledge is applied. In this manner only is Jesus, the solution of your problem, realized. Jacob Boehme God is your consciousness. His promises are conditional. Unless the demand, your state of consciousness, is changed, the supply. Your state of consciousness is the spring of action, the directing force, and that which creates the supply.

And at what instant I shall speak concerning a nation, and concerning a kingdom, to build and to plant it; If it do evil in my sight, that it obey not my voice, then I will repent of the good, wherewith I said I would benefit them. The feeling of the wish fulfilled is a necessary condition in mans search for the goal. There is no day that passes that does not afford us the opportunity to transform a life by the shedding of our blood.

I had quoted the above statement from Hebrews , and went on to explain that the realization that we have no hope save in ourselves is the discovery that God is within us. Blake But this must be experienced to be known. I told the teacher that her change of attitude in regard to another would produce a corresponding change in the other; that such knowledge was the true meaning of the water mentioned in I.

Knowledge of what to do is the water of life, but doing it is the blood of the savior. In other words, a little knowledge, if carried out in action is more profitable than much knowledge which we neglect to carry out in action. As I talked, one student kept impinging upon the teachers mind. But this, thought she, would be a too difficult case on which to test the truth of what I was telling her concerning the mystery of re-birth.

All knew, teachers and students alike, that this particular student was incorrigible. The outer facts of her case were these: The teachers, including the principal and school psychiatrist, had sat in judgment on the student just a few days before.

They had come to a unanimous decision that the girl, for the good of the school, must be expelled upon reaching her sixteenth birthday. She was rude, crude, unethical and used most vile language. The date for dismissal was but a month away. As she rode home that night, the teacher kept wondering if she could really change her mind about the girls, and if so, would the student undergo a change of behavior because she herself had undergone a change of attitude? The only way to find out would be to try.

This would be quite an undertaking for it meant assuming full responsibility for the incarnation of the new values in the student. Did she dare to assume so great a power, such creative, God-like power? And this is what she did. This was something the student had never done since coming to that school.

The teacher imagined the very best about the girl, and then listened and looked as though she heard and saw all that she would hear and see after these things should be. The teacher did this over and over again until she persuaded herself it was true, and fell asleep. By the end of the week, the change was noted by all; a second staff meeting was called and a decision of expulsion was revoked. Blake Transformation is in principle always possible, for the transformed being lives in us, and it is only a question of becoming conscious of it.

Man gets no other light, Search he a thousand years. Matthew Arnold My body carries out the instructions given to it by my mind.

But without a parable spake he not unto them: and when they were alone, he expounded all things to his disciples. As we become aware of deeper meanings in the parables than those which are usually assigned to them, we are apprehending them mystically. For example, let us take a mystical view of the advice given to the disciples in Matthew We read that as the disciples were ready to teach and practice the great laws of mind which had been revealed to them, they were told not to provide shoes for the journey.

A disciple is one who disciplines his mind that he may consciously function and act on higher and higher levels of consciousness. The aim of the disciple is always to lead himself and others from the bondage of dependency into the liberty of the Sons of God. Hence the advice, take no shoes. Accept no intermediary between yourself and God.

Turn from all who would offer to do for you what you should do, and could, do far better yourself. Through the wise and loving use of imagination, man clothes and feeds Christ, and through ignorant and fearful misuse of imagination, man disrobes and scourges Christ. A man may stop misusing his imagination on the advice of a friend; he may be negatively served by the experience of others and learn not to imagine, but that is not enough. Such lack of use of the creative power of imagination could never clothe and feed Christ.

The purple robe of the Son of God is woven, not by not imagining evil, but by imaging the good; by the active, voluntary and loving use of imagination. That is what every man must eventually do.


Seedtime and Harvest ( Audio Book )

Ezekiel "I see four men loose, walking in the midst of the fire, and they have no hurt; and the form of the fourth is like the Son of God. Daniel "Four Mighty Ones are in every man. There are "Four Mighty Ones" in every man, but these "Four Mighty Ones" are not four separate beings, separated one from the other as are the fingers of his hand. The "Four Mighty Ones" may be equated with the four Hebrew characters: [Yodh, He, Waw, He, from right to left] which form the four-lettered mystery-name of the Creative Power ["Yahweh" or even occasionally as "Jehovah"] from and combining within itself the past, present and future forms of the verb "to be.


Although it bears the same title as my latest book, it is not to be found in that book, for that book is an attempt to interpret some of the more difficult passages of the Bible. I have given you in the nine chapters a mystical view, and also a certain approach how you yourself may approach the interpretation of the Bible, for, as you know, it is not a book of history. And so, when I became aware of deeper meanings in the passages than those normally assigned to them, I began to see them or to apprehend them mystically, and so I have given you a mystical interpretation of many of the darker passages. For instance, when Solomon made himself a chariot of the wood of Lebanon, he made himself.

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