Anyone can improvise if they are shown how. This book is the practical system used by a jazz virtuoso, a prodigy who has figured out the technical basis of his natural ability to play and improvise easily. It was written in response to repeated requests for pointers from classically-oriented piano teachers needing help with students wanting to know how to improvise and "play the changes" by analyzing chord progressions of a tune. The art of piano improvisation, practiced routinely by jazz players, is applicable to any musical style.

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Red Garland and Bud Powell! The more I sat down and studied the more I began to unlock secrets. I was uncovering a clear and simple path to great jazz improvisation. My playing started growing through the roof! Even rock and blues gigs! It was amazing! Even better I was having more and more fun playing too. It felt great! Word started to spread and over time more and more people started asking me to share my discoveries and to teach them.

So, I created a system and now I want to show it to you. Incorporate simple rhythmic endings that will propel your groove and jazz phrasing. Learn jazz theory in an easy way without having to memorize tons of endless formulas.

Learn Bill Evans rootless chords so you can add sophistication and richness to your jazz playing An easy way to play two handed chords that will greatly improve your soloing and comping behind other musicians. Play simple shell voicings that will have your chords sounding just like your favorite bebop jazz musicians Bud Powell, Barry Harris etc. His explanations are super clear. He explains things in such a way that anyone can understand it.

Thanks Steve! Incorporate a simple way of adding 4th voicings to your jazz playing so you can easily make your playing sound modern and fresh. Play specific Herbie Hancock and Chick Corea cluster chords that will add a super contemporary sound to your playing.

Use intervallic development in your playing so all your solos sound clear, engaging, and musical. A fun way to play 2 handed block chords that will add richness to your solo piano, trio playing, and even your jazz improvisation. I really wish I had all this information years ago! Such a great teacher! A simple way to combine blues and jazz concepts together so you can add soulfulness and sophistication to a variety of different musical styles.

Play classic jazz rhythms to easily make your playing sound more energetic and authentic. Add beautiful upper structure triads to your playing which will spice up all the chords you already know. A fun way of adding extensions and alterations to your chords so you can transform boring chords into the chords that real jazz pros actually use.

Listen to what Ray had to say about the Jazz Masters Method Steve, wanted to let you know how your lessons have helped and what they mean to me. This summer with your help I suddenly improved to the point that the owner of a club we visit in Toronto asked me if I would like to play. I was asked to play again which I will do tomorrow. So Steve, thank you very very much! Important chord substitutions that will have your musician friends turning their heads in amazement.

Essential pieces of jazz vocabulary that every jazz musician needs to know. PLUS…you can learn and play from the video from anywhere at any time! A step by step exploration of 9 different legendary jazz piano players and their improvisation concepts. An easy to follow Action Plan that will help you implement your favorite licks, chords, and scales quickly and easily.

Tons of on screen video and text that makes learning every note fun, easy, and accessible. Real recommendations from a real jazz pro.


"How You Can Massively Accelerate Your Jazz & Blues Piano Skills Today"

Red Garland and Bud Powell! The more I sat down and studied the more I began to unlock secrets. I was uncovering a clear and simple path to great jazz improvisation. My playing started growing through the roof! Even rock and blues gigs! It was amazing!


23. Jazz Piano Books.pdf

Then we add some easy but yet very thrilling tricks to Jazz Up our solo. We use Leading tones, chromatic tones, some blues, diminished chords and a tritone substitute chord. The motor is based on some very simple ideas: we invent a piano "finger sequence" and we use a pentatonic "hand grip" and we make rhythm and phrases into a thrilling musical counterpoint!!! Our exercise is fundamental in many ways, if we want to be free to express ourselves when improvising Music. In particular the exercise will make us strong when combining rhythm and phrases in a free manner. Later on in the lesson we add the left hand chords to the exercise. The chords also make a thrilling counterpoint to the rhythm!!!


Piano improvisation : a powerful practical system

This piano book is for you. It demystifies music theory and how great improvisers never seem to hit wrong notes or run out of ideas for how to play the piano with interesting improvised solos. Are you a piano teacher with students wanting to understand piano chord progressions so they can "play the changes? This piano book is ideal for beginning to intermediate piano students and any other instrumentalists looking for a streamlined improvising technique that really works. It gets you past your fear so you develop muscle memory to have chords and scales at your fingertips.



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