Shelves: americana They ask me if its true that when we bury somebody we dig em out in four, five years and replace em with another one. I tell em no. When these people is buried, hes buried here for life. Elmer Ruiz, Gravedigger It is not really accurate to call Terkel the author of this book.

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He had two brothers, Ben — and Meyer — He attended McKinley High School. Terkel credited his understanding of humanity and social interaction to the tenants and visitors who gathered in the lobby there, and the people who congregated in nearby Bughouse Square. In , he married Ida Goldberg — , and the couple had one son. Although he received his undergraduate degree in , and a J.

His well-known radio program, titled The Studs Terkel Program, aired on Terkel published his first book, Giants of Jazz , in He followed it in with his first collection of oral histories , Division Street America with 70 people talking about the effect on the human spirit of living in an American metropolis.

Terkel found it particularly amusing to play this role, as he was a big fan of the Chicago White Sox as well as a vocal critic of major league baseball during the baseball strike , and gave a moving congratulatory speech to the White Sox organization after their World Series championship during a television interview.

Terkel received his nickname while he was acting in a play with another person named Louis. To keep the two straight, the director of the production gave Terkel the nickname Studs after the fictional character about whom Terkel was reading at the time— Studs Lonigan , of James T. Terkel was acclaimed for his efforts to preserve American oral history. For Hard Times: An Oral History of the Great Depression , Terkel assembled recollections of the Great Depression that spanned the socioeconomic spectrum, from Okies , through prison inmates, to the wealthy.

Working was made into a short-lived Broadway show of the same title in and was telecast on PBS in Two years later, he received the George Polk Career Award in In August , Terkel underwent successful open-heart surgery.

At the age of ninety-three, he was one of the oldest people to undergo this form of surgery and doctors reported his recovery to be remarkable for someone of that advanced age. Terkel smoked two cigars a day until When the government uses the telephone companies to create massive databases of all our phone calls it has gone too far. The lawsuit was dismissed by Judge Matthew F. Kennelly on July 26, Judge Kennelly cited a " state secrets privilege " designed to protect national security from being harmed by lawsuits.

He spoke about his participation in the Works Progress Administration. At his last public appearance, in , Terkel said he was "still in touch—but ready to go". He had been suffering ever since a fall in his home earlier that month.


Studs Terkel

These books tie their diverse content together with themes. These themes take the form of subtitles. Some books have only one theme the theme of Book One is "Working the Land" ; others have several. Book One[ edit ] Book One contains stories by three newspaper delivery boys, a farmer, a farm worker, a farm woman, a deep miner and his wife, a strip miner, and a heavy equipment operator.







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