Shelves: humour , sff , folklore , novella , decades , africa , , el The tallest tall tale ever of what one champion boozer did to get a decent drink. A psychedelic quest as mindbending as Yellow Submarine the film, but written fifteen years earlier and thousands of miles away. A myth told unusually in the first-person by a trickster-god-slash-Herculean-hero, with a Taoist-fresh voice like a tarot Fool. Sense of humour is personal, yes, and no-one else has tagged this book as humour - but here it was one of those works during which one feel laughter bubbling under the surface most of the time [except during two or three brutal scenes], then every now and again an audible fit of the giggles erupts.

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I wish I was competent enough to take in more from this work. Considerable interest was aroused by this unusual book, and inquiries have been made about Tutuola and the background of his ideas.

But as I could not satisfy all of them at a time so they shared me, half of them would use me from morning till night, then the rest would use me from the night till morning. They were fond of eating spiders which were the most impor- tant food for them, so therefore no other kinds of ghosts 89 In the Spider 9 s Web Bush should enter there.

So at this time the homeless-ghost who was carrying the wood was invited by several prominent ghosts who had special occasions to perform. Because of their belief in reincarnation and the exalted status of ancestors, the Yoruba celebrate the deaths of old people, for through death the individual moves on to the next stage of existence.

Uncountable numbers of them stood before me and looked at me as dolls with great surprise as they had no heads or eyes.

Although I appreciated or recognized these lights as the same, but I appreciated one thing more which is food, and this food is my native food which was cooked by the copperish-ghost, but as I was very hungry so I entered into his room, and when he saw that it was his room I entered he was exceedingly glad so that he gave me the food which was the same colour with copper. So first of all we travelled to the north of the town as there was a road which led to the town of our grand- mother which was not far away from ours.

Having gone tituola far into the bush he reached a place which was cleared some time ago by an unknown creature, then he put me down tutuooa without hesitation he gathered some dried sticks and prepared the fire in which he would roast me and eat me as meat. Like any good folktale, it has the sense that anything can happen; but it improves on the usual model with its particularly easy air of being completely out of control. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. How far have Christian ideas penetrated?

Maybe a queer uncle or family friend. But as he ought to change me from the camel to a horse, because the camel is useful only to carry loads so by that he changed me to a person as I was all the while in form of a camel.

Then from there to the dining-room, so we drank tea together. And it has the great pal-mwine that you will discover very quickly whether or not you like it, and you can always put the book down and leave it for others to enjoy.

His mouth which was always opening, his nose and eyes were very hard to look at as they were very dirty and smelling. I own a small new and used book store and I cannot keep this book stocked. The tapster is happy to see them and gives them a lot of wine, hhe the drinkard drinks immediately. When she noticed that we struck she called the whole of us before her, she asked us to bring the animal which tutuooa killed for food that morning, but we said none, we told her further that we did not go to bush at all that day.

It also has scientific value. Harder to stay in the bag and hardest to come out of it because when it was very dark I got up to peep out and look for the palm-win of a tree to hold as he was going on, but as these snakes were always rushing in and out of this bag so that at the same time that they saw me they wanted to eat me too as the meat, then I cast down inside tutuolaa bag at the same moment, and after a few minutes later I peeped out again and they drove me back again, even I could not wait and breathe in fresh air.

Those who make sacrifices, according palm-wwine Yoruba beliefs, enlist the aid of drinkars orisa, Esu. This life-force flows from Orun to Aiye, from the orisa and the ancestors to the living, but in return Orun requires a sacrifice of a portion of that life-force. Because of the sacrifice that Drinkard has advised the people to make to Heaven, Heaven and Land are reconciled, and harmony is reestablished between the two domains.

But as I was staggering about on this junction for about half an hour because of these lights, the copperish- ghost was wiser than the rest, he quenched his own copperish-light from my body, so at this time I had a little chance to go to the rest. How do you devote just three sentences out of pages to the time that you transformed yourself into a canoe in order for your wife to make lunch money by using you as a passenger vehicle? Having reached the town, all the rest of the short ghosts of this town gathered together round this curious animal.

Every early morning the cow-men would come tutukla take the whole of us to a wide pasture, and at the same time these cows would scatter on this pasture which was in the centre of the sun and start to eat the grasses voraciously, but I alone would cast myself down on the 45 My Life with Cows same place as I could not eat the grasses because I am not a real cow. If these domestic animals look at me for some hours 70 On my Way to the 9th Town of Ghosts attentively, motionless or crying once, then all the dogs who were among them dronkard be barking at me and com- ing to me slowly until they would reach me and then they would start to aos the remaining sacrifice which I could not finish, and before they would finish that the goats and sheep would come to me and start to kick me on the head but I had no rutuola to drive them away.

Later African critics reversed such assessments of Tutuola and recognized The Palm-Wine Drinkard and his subsequent novels as vital works of fiction that reflect African paom-wine and traditions. Ibadan University Press, Whenever one or more of the short ghosts who were serving her as their mother offend- ed her, both eyes would be flashing out fire on to the body who offends her, and the fire would be burning the body at the same moment as fluffy things or rags.

View all 7 comments. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. After the war was over all the short ghosts and I con- tinued our usual work as hunters. I might not take it as anything important. As she added the dirt as her beauty, so she was The Short Ghosts and their Flash-eyed Mother not checking all the heads from passing urine, excreta and spitting on her body which would wet all over her body.

After that he changed me to smos lion, then to a horse, to a camel, to a cow or bull with horns on its head and at last to my former form. He later tried his hand at farming, without success, then pursued the blacksmith trade. It is up to the Yoruba, therefore, to persuade the orisa through sacrifice to do what is best for human beings. Related Articles.



Plot[ edit ] The Palm-Wine Drinkard, told in the first person, is about an unnamed man who is addicted to palm wine , which is made from the fermented sap of the palm tree and used in ceremonies all over West Africa. The son of a rich man, the narrator can afford his own tapster a man who taps the palm tree for sap and then prepares the wine. He travels through a world of magic and supernatural beings, surviving various tests and finally gains a magic egg with never-ending palm wine. One of the contributions Tutuola made was to "kill forever any idea that Africans are copyists of the cultures of other races.


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