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Page NXP Semiconductors 6. Pinning information 6. CIFB 2 current regulation capacitor. NXP Semiconductors 7. Functional description The UBA is designed to drive a full-bridge inverter with resonant load.

The load consists typically of transformers with CCFLs. Two parameters are used by the UBA to control the switches of the full-bridge inverter: the phase shift and the switching frequency. The two full bridge halves A and B frequency. Fig 5. Once the lamps are ignited the frequency sweep down continues, gradually increasing the lamp current the resonance circuit should now still be inductive, so current increases as NXP Semiconductors Fig 8. In this way the regulation level is stored in C1 when the current regulation loop is opened see After the regulation loop is opened discharged the voltage on the CSWP-pin is swept down to switch off the lamps, and charged again to turn the lamps on again A voltage below V the lamps on and a voltage above V Fig PWM dimming is only enabled in normal mode, when no fault condition excists.

The only NXP Semiconductors Fig In this case all inverters will lock to the highest of the minimum switching frequencies of all ICs in a PLL-type of way. Fig NXP Semiconductors Both synchronisation methods will also lock all inverters in phase. All the full bridge voltages will all be exactly in phase, even if the regulated phase difference between outputs A and B of each IC is not the same.

In this way, all lamps in a multi inverter system are running at the same frequency and with equal lamp current phase, as illustrated in Synchronisation is only enabled in normal mode, when no fault condition excists Fault timer wavefporms 7.

It can also be used to regulate the output voltage to the required lamp ignition voltage. A special feature is included to accomodate applications where zero voltage switching becomes important. The design of the resonant load determines if zero voltage switching occurs during normal operation. To prevent overheating of the external power switches of the full bridge due to high switching losses in case of any abnormal condition, the hard-switching of both half-bridge voltages is monitored internally The signal from the voltage signal and the signal to the current signal.

Also it leaves the possibility for the outside world to see the signal from the IC even while a fault condition is being signalled to the IC in the mean time, as illustrated in Fig The voltage ratings are valid provided other ratings are not violated.





UBA2013T/N3,518 NXP Semiconductors, UBA2013T/N3,518 Datasheet


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